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5 days canoeing in Alto Tajo

Itinerant week through Alto Tajo Natural Park

Season: Every week from July to the middle of September.

Duration: This activity consists of descending the Alto Tajo canyon by canoe in five days and sleeping in its riverside.

Material: Backpack, sleeping bag, insulating mattress, flashlight with extra batteries, hat, long trousers, shorts, shirts, underwear, sport shoes or some old shoes that get wet, spare socks, track-suit, jacket, windproof clothes, personal hygiene bag with sunscreen, after sun cream, insect repellent. If you wear glasses, bring a ribbon to secure them. We do not advise wearing jewellery during this activity.

The activity is unique one performed in Spain, both in its logistics and in its conditions. The descending stretch is about 10 to 15 km long and lasts for 5 to 6 hours.

kayak en aguas bravasOur river is classified as whitewater, but our activity is included within the category
of nautical tourism. This activity can be done from 8 years to 65 years and no special knowledge is required.

The boats we use are single or double canoes that are adapted to our river. During the activity performance the monitor is in communication at all times by broadcast stations with the support vehicle. This vehicle is carrying all our camping structure, driver and cook.

In our price is included Accident insurance and Civil responsibility, navigation permits, camping, all materials and full board from the beginning of the activity till the end.

The reception of the activity is done in Poveda de la Sierra (Guadalajara), in the provisional facilities of Multiaventura Buendía. A minibus will pick us up to take us to the starting point of the activity. We normally advise to arrive one day before the departure because of the material and luggage preparations. This day is not included in the price of the activity.

Please provide us full names of all participants and any need of a special diet few days in advance.

Development of traveling camp Natural park of Alto Tajo

  • Departure from Madrid and arrival to camping area (Poveda de la Sierra)
  • Reception at the camping area.
  • Presentation of the monitors and camp regulations.
  • Distribution of tents and equipment.
  • Initial contact with canoeing and descending the river from Agua Buena to Fuente de las Tobas.
  • Descending the river from Fuente las Tobas to Fuente de la Falaguera.
  • Descending the river from Fuente de la Falaguera to la Granja.
  • Descending the river from La Granja to los Nogales.
  • Descending the river from Nogales Hundido de Armallones.
  • Descending the river from Hundido de Armallones to la Fuente los ceños.
  • Descending the river from Fuente los Ceños to Carrascosa del Tajo (Camp goodbye party).
  • Pick up and return to Madrid.

Multiaventura Buendía is subscribed to a liability policy available to the clients. Before each activity, the monitor in charge will gladly explain the use of the personal equipment, basic techniques, behaviour in case of danger, etc.
Multiaventura Buendía is registered as active tourism company.


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