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On your own Buendía routes and visits

You´ve just arrived to Buendía and you don´t know where to start? Do you have some free time to explore the surroundings...?

Download all the information of the area in PDF, plan your trip and take it with you.

The Route of Faces

ruta de las caras - senderismo cerca de madridWhether it is after a fun day full of activities for company or emotionally charged bachelorette party, the best thing is to relax and enjoy Buendía surroundings (in Multiaventura Buendía location).

For example: you can explore the shore of the Buendía water reservoir, the place of "The Peninsula", full of pine trees and abundant sandstone rock. In this area you can find numerous sculpted faces: "The Nun", "The Beethoven of Buendía", "The Shaman", "The Swamp of Damadel”...

Stone world that creates a mystical atmosphere. You will need approximately an hour to do this whole journey on foot. You can also reach this area by car. It takes 5 minutes (4km of distance) from Buendía, through an easily accessible track.

The landscape is formed by olives and croplands; in the sculpture areas, the cultivated land turns into pine trees and sand rocks.

más información..Official website of the Route of Faces


Sickles of Guadiela

hoces del guadiela - piraguismo - multiaventuraAnother place of interest and popular devotion site is the chapel of Our Lady of the Abandoned.

This chapel was built in the sixteenth and seventeenth century, twelve kilometres from Buendía, at the end of the Guadiela river mouth. This place was known as the mill of Bolarque (Arabic origin), being for years the subject of dispute between the Lara and Castro families.

King Alfonso VIII sanctioned the property. Formerly, it was a place where Buendía residents spent a few days of rest. In the houses of the Brotherhood of Our Lady entire families stayed. Today one can only find a priest house, a font, a courtyard and a chapel, because the Bolarque waters flooded the entire valley.


Buendía reservoir

embalse buendía - deportes aventuraThe terrain features of the Buendía reservoir make this place safe and suitable for various activities destined for all kinds of groups: companies, colleges, bachelor and private parties, etc. In the summer the reservoir becomes the water sports centre of the area. There are developed activities of all kinds; from water skiing to sailing.

We offer you the possibility of guided activities for companies, schools, etc.

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Photo Gallery

Enjoy the best photos of rafting, canyoning, canoeing, caving ... from friends who have been with us.

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casa rural multiaventura cerca de madrid

Hostal Rural "Casa Obispo"

If there is a main feature of the "Casa Obispo" in Buendia, is the quality of the restaurant and the warm welcome that you receive.

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