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Team Building and Company Incentives

In all our business activities / team building we consider in detail the company purpose: competitiveness, fellowship, team strength, etc.

incentivos para empresas - dinámicas de grupoWe designed workshops for companies, with activities that help to achieve these targets.

The company activities involve teamwork, in which all members are responsible for the shared objective, reach the goal with the quads, or be the best at archery.

Our facilities give the possibility to perform training programs for companies, developed on an individual basis according to specific requirements. The possibility of training activities oriented to the practice and experience, complemented with group sessions in support classroom. All this in a natural environment and based on the game.

The planned situations help to develop the necessary skills to:

  • achieve the team bonding.
  • develop activities to achieve results, according to a schedule.
  • seek solutions.
  • make decisions.
  • improve effective communication.
  • promote a culture of improvement and learning.
  • develop leadership attitudes.


The activities are performed away from the pressure of the usual working environment. It allows participants to engage in an uninhibited, relaxed and fun way, without losing the final objective: improving business results through the improvement of management skills.

más información..Contact us to request further information about special packages for companies.

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Some companies that visit us...

We offer personalized services for team building activities and incentives for your company.

Contact us and we will advise you.

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