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Kayaking Whitewater

Cursos de iniciación al montañismo en Madrid

Whitewater Kayaking Intensive Course

This course is designed for everyone who wants to be introduced to the exciting world of whitewater kayaking and to learn or improve whitewater skills and techniques.

Basic Course

  • Duration: approximately 9 hours, taught in 3 sessions on weekends or weekdays.
  • Objective: kayaking in rivers of low and medium difficulty accompanied by expert staff.


Session Distribution.

1st Day: First contact with kayaking equipment, its use and techniques of control. Paddling, safety and security, self rescue and rescue of others, recovery material.

First steps in whitewater in areas of very low difficulty.

2nd Day: Basic whitewater manoeuvres, running river strategies, stopping, reverse.

3rd Day: Eskimo roll initiation, improving skills in calm waters and in rough waters for more advanced students.

Kayak Rolling is a technique where we learn how to resolve a shift in the water, and is essential for our security in whitewater river.

We also perform advanced courses and Eskimo roll techniques.

Our courses are developed at all times under controlled conditions by our qualified instructors and specialists in this fun and exciting discipline.

  • Include Accident insurance and Civil responsibility.
  • Certified instructors, minimum 2 per group
  • Small groups, maximum 8 people
  • Dates: Consult
  • Whitewater Course fee + Eskimo roll techniques: 192 €
  • If you want to stay in the area, we can arrange the accommodation.

más información..Contact us to request further information on the course of whitewater kayaking.

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