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Season: March to September

Duration: Half day / Full day

Material: Swim suit and shoes that can get wet. Safety vest and waterproof canister provided by us. Neoprene suit is also available, if necessary.

Price: From “Las Juntas de Albendea” to the picnic area of San Pedro de Palmiches € 45 - In Alto Tajo, Bridge of San Pedro € 50

Try new and exciting rafting near to Madrid, Valencia and Cuenca.
Enjoy a unique experience in two amazing routes that we have prepared for you, the River Guadiela and the spectacular Natural Park of Alto Tajo.

We offer three different grades of difficulty.

There is nothing like an escape into a river environment, aboard a raft, remove all negative energy and enjoy the nature with your friends or colleagues. In this activity teamwork is encouraged. By practicing this sport one can experience strong emotions and strengthen the ties of friendship. The presence of an experienced monitor makes everything much easier. He is the specialist who guides us and allows us to see how it feels to descent a river on raft. In this activity there are several levels of difficulty depending on the river flow.

Rafting Description

Rafting is an outdoor and group activity using a raft or inflatable boat to descend a river. The boat is driven with the current while the crew steers with paddles directed by the guide´s instructions. He directs the raft in order to overcome the obstacles that the river presents.

Level I. Rapid water rivers with waves, easy manoeuvring and drops less than one meter. Level II. Whitewater rivers with waves, moderately difficult manoeuvring a drops of one meter or two. Level III. Whitewater rivers with waves, difficult manoeuvring and drops over two meters.

Minimum age: 11 years. Approximate duration: Half Day, approximately 3 -4 hours of activity. Place of performance: River Guadiela (San Pedro de Palmiches) Tajo River (Zaorejas). Meeting point: Multiaventura Buendía Base or river starting point. Number of people: 4 people minimum / 30 people maximum. Number Monitor/Client: 1 instructor per one raft. Materials and equipment included: Wetsuit, neoprene shoes, life jacket, helmet and short paddle. Equipment to bring: Swimwear, shoes that can get wet and dry clothes for later. Personal skills: None in particular. Season: From March to November. Facilities: Multiaventura Buendía Base, located in the village of Buendía, storeroom available with all the necessary equipment for the activities, hot and cold drinks, barbecue facilities and catering.

Price: Level-I 40€, Level-II 45€, Level-III 50€

Booking Cancellation Policy

The amount will be refunded if:
The activity is cancelled with 10 days in advance. In any case a 10% fee will be charged. Notify your cancellation to the Multiaventura Buendía. In case of meteorological issues, the company will make a proposal to change the date or the activity, depending on the conditions.
50% of the amount will not be refunded:
if the activity is cancelled less than 10 days in advance.
100% of the amount will not be refunded:
if the activity is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance or if the number of the participants decreases. The company can suspend the activity if the customers have clear signs of being under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs.

Packs with Rafting

Pack Adventure 2

Other possibility for two days on the weekend.

  • Canyoning
  • Whitewater or rafting
  • Caving
  • Climbing and rappelling
  • Introduction and Technical Level
  • from 125€


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