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Buendía village

Get to know the landscape of our activities – 360º view


Buendía is a medieval village in the Alcarria de Cuenca. It is situated on the shore of the reservoir with the same name, in the interprovincial boundary between Guadalajara, near Madrid (1 hour and a half), y near Cuenca (1 hour).

buendía pueblo con multiaventura de la alcarriaIt has a unique natural environment for the practice of adventure sports and rural tourism. Therefore many companies, schools and groups choose Buendía as a destination to carry out activities such as business conferences, incentives, school extracurricular activities , or stag and hen parties.

The most outstanding places are the Buendía reservoir and the Guadiela River, with its spectacular river gorges where Multiaventura Buendía develops most of the activities.

It provides two campsites, free camping areas, gas station, bakery, shops, pharmacy, Red Cross station, etc.


How to get there?

datos de Buendia From Madrid following the A2 to Guadalajara, from here to Sacedón by the N-320 or by the A3 to Tarancón, going to Carrascosa del Campo, Huete and Buendía.


datos de Buendia From Valencia, we can access Buendía by taking the National 320, reaching Sacedón, we continue on the CM-2000 about 16 km..


datos de Buendia From Cuenca, we can reach Buendía by taking the National 400 (Tarancón-Cuenca) and in Carrascosa del Campo, following the CM-2000 in direction Huete-Buendía.


Multiaventura Buendía - Casa Obispo Calle Frontón, 5 - 16515 Buendía (Cuenca) Tel: 660 12 75 65 Mobile

Buendía: its history, monuments, environment and curiosities

According to the 2005 census, Buendía has a population of 505 inhabitants. It is located 741 meters above the sea level and covers an area of 88.3 km2

Sights and places of interest

ermita guadielaBesides enjoying the numerous adventure sports, which can be performed in the natural surroundings of Buendía, you can also visit the Buendia town and get to know its historic and monumental sights.

One of the main attractions of Buendia is the beautiful assembly formed by Plaza Mayor-City Council-Church.

The Parish Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, XV and XVI century, consist of three sections with Gothic cylindrical columns. It has splayed windows, two portals of Herrerian style and a stunning massive tower. Next to its sacristy we can find three side chapels and another one in the entrance wall. The choir is made of polychrome wood.

The Granary o “La Tercia”, fifteenth century, it was grain storage and place where the people paid “tercia”. Currently there is Car Museum and House of Culture, made of donated pieces and other ones bought by the City Council. It has been restored by townspeople.

It had several convents, hospital, etc. Now is left only one wall in the actual Franciscan cemetery.

At the entrance there are located the ancient cellars "Cerro de la Fuente," as well as the fountain where was collected the water.

The surroundings of Buendía

Buendía is not just a place to perform adventure sports but one can also enjoy other natural wonder in its surroundings.

The route of the faces, a place full of rock carvings, some of them over four meters high, goblins, virgins, ladies, etc.

Another place of interest and popular site of devotion is the hermitage of the Virgin, Our Lady of the Abandoned (Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados). It is situated twelve kilometres from the village, at the end of the Guadiela river. (see route of Guadiela Sickles)


Buendía Celebrations

The Virgin of the Abandoned remains for four months in the Parish Church. On the second Saturday of May she is taken in pilgrimage to hermitage of the Virgin, Our Lady of the Abandoned and stays there for four months.
The second weekend of September she is carried back again in pilgrimage.

The legend regarding the village name

There is a legend of the name "Buendía" (Good Day). At the time of the Christian reconquest, these territories served as the border. In one battle among the Moors and Christians, where the number of the Moorish army was superior, the Christian captain seeing the coming defeat, started to pray to the Virgin. At the end of the day, the Christians achieved the victory. The captain kneeled and gave thanks to the Virgin and he spoke to the soldiers: "Soldiers, we had a good day today." Since that time, the name Fuentesauco was changed to Buendía.

There is nothing written about this story, but it has been transmitted orally. There still exists the wellspring of Fuente del Sauco. In the form of procession with the reference to the legend, "The entry of Moors and Christians", has been recovered after 52 years of neglect.

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Hostal Rural "Casa Obispo"

If there is a main feature of the "Casa Obispo" in Buendia, is the quality of the restaurant and the warm welcome that you receive.

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